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Sensational Sunrises and a Bird Watchers Haven: What to expect from Rye Harbour Nature Reserve

Many Brits love a good country walk, but finding one that will attract all the family can often be hard to find. With history and nature entwined with beaches and beautiful scenery, Rye Harbour Nature Reserve is the perfect destination for all. Nestled in the historical East Sussex, the reserve boasts long, flat, accessible walks, ideal for family walks, romantic strolls or an exciting new treat for the four-legged members of the family!

Rye Harbour Nature Reserve is perfect for walking, running and cycling, and boasts spectacular views, sunrises and sunsets. This tremendous trail runs from Rye through to Winchelsea, with cafes at both ends, it is the ideal place to enjoy a cold drink and an ice cream in summer, and hot chocolates in winter! The entrance to the reserve is paralleled by a spacious car park, and uniquely encompasses the perfect stroll with interesting sights along the way. The sea breeze provides a warmth and freshness whilst strolling down the reserve, the flat terrain allowing children and dogs to explore the wide range of natural habitats that the reserve has to offer.

Established in 1970, Rye Harbour Nature Reserve brags an exquisite range of surroundings, such as sea, saltmarshes and shingle, making it a haven for wildlife. Over 4000 species reside in the nature reserve, its sights attracting both locals and tourists alike. Grown around history and heritage, the reserve’s trail uniquely leads to the sea, perfect for sunbathing, picnics or having a paddle with the family.

Come rain or shine the variety of wildlife at the reserve is immense. Whether you are an avid bird watcher, have children who are never tired of the outdoors, the reserve is assured to deliver. Bird watching hides are located throughout the reserve, where you can get a close up on the species that are out at the same time as you. The optimal circumstances allow for an extensive variety of plants alongside the wildlife, allowing every species to co-exist in the reserve.

East Sussex has its fair share of history, and Rye Harbour Nature Reserve does not fail to deliver its own historical story. The reserve interlinks with Camber Castle and has many pillboxes located along the reserve. Dating back to World War Two, as well as being one of the first defensive methods to be designed, they provide a unique insight into Britain’s History, as well as elegantly slotting into the reserve’s landscapes. Exploring both the castle and pillboxes is a rare attraction that provides another exciting opportunity throughout your walk.

With so much on offer, Rye Harbour Nature Reserve never fails to impress. Whether you are a nature lover, history buff or a keen sight seer, this reserve will undoubtedly offer an overwhelming amount to see, explore and enjoy any time of the year. Nestled in the ancient town of Rye, the perfect outdoor walk, ice cream on the beach or sight-seeing opportunity is just a few steps away.

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