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Camber Sands, the Sussex beach which brings a ton of memories to so many adults - memories of hours spent on the rolling dunes, playing in the sea and chasing the coins on the penny push machines.

The question is, has much changed and what can you expect from a stay at the seaside town?

Well the truth is, in a world where so much is changing, Camber Sands thankfully has managed to truly hang on to the age old traditional Seaside Town.

The beach offers 7 miles of Sand, including miles of dunes and rolling sandy beach, so there is plenty of space for the thousands of people who descend on a hot sunny weekend. There are a number of eateries dotted along the beach, mainly in the center, including of course cafes, fish n chips, wine bar, traditional pub plus a fish bar more centrally located. The center car park is lined with shops selling inflatables, beachwear, flipflops and all the other beach accessories you would hope to find.

The most noticable change is the sea wall, which has recently been reconstructed as the old wall was crumbling away. Thankfully this was done keeping people in mind, and now gives the most perfect walkway along the edge of the beach. It gives access via a ramp for wheelchair access, and is smoothly laid so children can scoot, bike, walk or run free without worrying about the road.

Aside from wanting to visit due to fabulous memories, the beach is in its own right very famous and has been featured on a number of high profile films and TV Shows. Most recently Ricky Gervais was spotted filming 'after life' for Netflix, but before this productions including 'Monuments Men' (the town went crazy for this as George Clooney and Matt Damon were in town), 'The Theory of Everything', 'Dunkirk', plus a whole host of artists who have filmed music videos here. Aside from filming, many celebs take their holidays in the area, only 3 weeks ago Ed Sheeran was spotted in a nearby fish n chip shop casually grabbing his dinner, ok now we are just name dropping!

Watersports attract a vast amount of visitors each year, Kitesurfing is a very popular sport undertaken on the beach, although this is in a designated area as to not spoil the beach for those of us wishing to relax and forget about the day to day worries. There are a number of companies who offer different activites off the beach from beginners to pros. However if this isnt your thing, its just as enjoyable watching them in action from the safety of your deck chair.

So my thoughts on Camber are this, if you want to escape 'real life' without having to catch a plane, its the perfect place. It offers a real sense of calm, the feeling of switching off and properly resetting your buttons is a common feeling amongst our guests, regardless of the type of property you choose to stay in. A place where kids can be kids away from screens, adults can sit in peace soaking in the sea air and the noise of the waves but most importantly families can be together to spend quality time walking, laughing and having real fun.

Is there a downside of Camber ... of course there is ... the lack of Parking! This single problem ruins peoples day trips every year as there simply isnt enough to pack in the thousands of people that want to enjoy the beach on a hot day. But dont let this deter you ... as we offer parking with each and every property we rent out ... so this will never be a problem for you if you are staying with us.